Terms & Conditions

Terms of registration

These terms set out the usage of inbounds.rye2240.org web page by third parties (users) (hereafter “Terms”).

Before using rye2240.org web page you are obliged to familiarize with these Terms and the Privacy policy.

The owner and keeper of www.inbounds.rye2240.org webpages is ROTARY INTERNATIONAL DISTRIKT 2240 ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA A SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA, z.s., IČO: 86595130, registered office address Dusíkova 4829/16, 586 01 Jihlava, registered at Krajský úřad v Brně, file number L 9995 (hereafter “District 2240”), who is allowed to promote them in accordance with the law.

To enter or use certain content and services of inbounds.rye2240.org web pages requires registration. Visitors who do not intend to use the web pages or services instantly are also allowed to register.

After registration there is a form used to log in, together with the rules and instructions necessary for filling and submitting the form.

Name, surname and an e-mail address are required for the registration. The participants of any of the programs of District D2240 also provide the information of their role in the program and the Rotary club mediating the participation in the program. The registered person is obliged to provide complete and true information.

When in doubt about the information about the registered person provided the keeper is permitted to request confirmation that the information given in the form is true. In the meantime, the account of the registered person will be suspended.

Providing false information will result in locking the account permanently and further registration will not be allowed.

Multiple registration is forbidden, and the keeper is permitted to delete duplicate accounts.

We reserve the right to require further information. Without it being provided, the district is permitted to block the registration and/or forbid the access to the pages/services requiring registration, or registration with certain information.

Providing the information during registration the visitor approves that District 2240 in the legal sense of § 4 letter e), law no. 101/2000 Code, is permitted to process it both for private and marketing purposes to promote the district and/or the individual Rotary clubs, which are members of District 2240. This approval can be withheld at any time. In such a case District 2240 cancels the registration and deletes the relevant data.

The policy of handling of personal information complies with the terms of District 2240 established in accordance with the ordinary written law of the Czech Republic.

You agree to the terms and conditions while registering at inbounds.rye2240.org by ticking the checkbox “Yes, I agree to the terms of registration”.

District 2240 is permitted to revise these Terms at any time and these changes are obligatory for all the users of inbounds.rye2240.org since being published.

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