I have been hearing many exchange students complaining about how their exchange is going, that they wish it was different, that they are having a lot of problems in the school, with their families, friends, etc. But I’ve also heard many saying that this is the best year they’ve had so far. Some can’t wait to go back home, some want to stay in their host country forever. Some are sad because their language skills aren’t as expected, and some are impressed that without realizing it, their language has improved a lot.

Every exchange experience is different, you can’t compare your exchange with someone else’s. Something that we all have in common is that we have changed for good during exchange, we have gotten more responsable, we adapt easier, we resolve problems better, and of course we all have gained weight.

Exchange is everything but easy, It makes you get out of your comfort zone. It was annoying having to walk like 20 more minutes to get somewhere because I got lost so many times and missed many bus stops, but that helped me being more responsable.
even once I went to a small town that was like 35 minutes away of mine and had no clue where I was; now it’s difficult not know where am I. The difficulties make it great. And all this is worth It because thanks to exchange you get a second home, and that’s something that you can’t compare.

I have a second family and I know that whenever I go back to Mexico anything will be the same without all this people that has became important to me.

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