Lyžovanie, lyžovanie a lyžovanie. Three times I say skiing, because I was lucky enough to participate in three different ski courses here in Slovakia. Not to mention the numerous times I went with friends, classmates, and my host family. In Slovakia I live in Liptovsky Mikulas, so you can imagine I’ve had plenty of opportunities to put my skis to work. Around my city we have Jasná, Závažná Poruba, Žiar, and many others ski runs. The skiing was possible because my host family was kind enough to rent me skis. It’s quite funny to think how far I’ve come since that first time my host mom went with me skiing. Perhaps once (maybe even twice) many years ago I went skiing in Minnesota, USA. But any sort of experience I had was lost, as I couldn’t even stand up without falling. However, at the end of the winter not only had I managed to stay standing, I could easily and quickly carve my way down Chopok, in Jasná.

As for the first time I went on a ski course, I was with Rotary on “Rotary Ski Week”. We went to Ždiar where we spent the week skiing in Bachledová Dolina. Not only was it fun to ski, it was an absolute blast getting to be with exchange students from all over the world. The next ski course I went on was with my school, again to Bachledová Dolina. The last ski course I went to was with my class, in Jasná. Each ski course was unique and fun; the whole time spent with amazing people. All of this skiing, along with all the memories I made along the way, would not have been possible without Rotary. Ďakujem pekne Distrikt 2240, and thank you so much Rotary International.

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