“Exchange will change your life” everyone had told me like this before I came here. So, i started to imagine how wonderful my exchange life would be.

In fact, exchange is totally not like that. I have been here for 6 months already. Actually, you just change a place to continue your life. But you need to learn their culture, communicate with host families and accept everything here. It’s a big challenge, even though it sounds really easy. In these six months, I learn a lot. Not only everything about Slovakia, but also know how to cherish what I have. When in Taiwan, my daily life is that arguing with my mom all the time. I have never put myself in her shoes, now i finally understand that mom is who love me the most and always support me when I am down or sad. Also, people usually like to complain their own country and me too. After learning about Slovak culture, I find out that we have lots of unique advantages in Taiwan which others don’t have. For sure, we also have something need to improve.

Long story short, my exchange changes my mental mostly. It will be my best decision ever. I hope I can learn more in the tests months.

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