Ahoj! Dneska nepojedu do škole, protože mám rymu a je nejdueležity že jsem zdrávy o vikendu na Trenčín. Tak budu použivat tento čas pro psát o muj denně rozvrh.

Hello! I didn’t go to school today (or yesterday) because I have a cold and it’s more important that I am healthy for the orientation weekend in Slovakia this weekend! (I’m super excited for it!) So since I have some free time, I’ll make this post about my average school day.

I go to Gymnázium Jan Valerian Jirsíkova, or GJVJ. I was very confused when I first arrived by the existence of another school on the same street, Gymnázium Jírovcova. My school is named after a famous bishop, Jan Valerian Jirsík, who founded the school in 1868. (His first class was 268 students. The following year, my hometown of Hilliard was upgraded from isolated train station to village, with a total population of 280.)

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