Hey everyone!! Just a few days ago I passed my one month mark here. There have been so many ups and downs, but overall it has been a good experience, despite the dificulties.

Some highlights have been starting school and making many new Czech friends, and also spending time with other exchange students that are living here in Prague. 

I have continued to keep up my running and my longest run is now 9.88 kilometers, it took me about an hour, which I’m not to happy about, but I did it and I can work on getting a better time in the future.


My plans

I’m not really sure what to write for this post, as not much has happend that I havent already written about. So I’ll tell you about my plans going forward. Tomorrow I will be leaving Prague to go to my district orientation in Kromeriz, I am so so excited because I’ll get to meet all of the exchagne students that in this district (all of Czechia and Slovakia) as well as see some of my friends again. I’m getting to Kromeriz by train, and I’m travelling with a Rotarian from my club as well as a few other students from Prague. It’s about a four hour trip to get there and I am looking forward to spending that time talking with the other exchagne students with me as well as sleeping or reading (probably sleeping, boy oh boy do I need it). The orientation is just for the weekend, which I am a bit dissapointed about, I do wish it was longer.

Another thing coming up is me travelling with my counsellor to her grandmother’s house in the north of Czechia. I’m so happy that she has invited me and I really look forward to it.

So thats about it, sorry for not having much, but when I come back from the orientation I’ll make sure to write a blog post about that, and I will most likely be including many pictures.

Goodbye for now!


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