One of my favourite places I got to visit was Pardubice in the Czech Republic. My second hostfamily took me there to visit their friends and to see Friendsfest. Their friend’s house was wherewe stayed for the next 2 nights. It was a great time talking in Slovak and them in Czech justenjoying being with each other.

On both nights their children who are older than me took me outinto the town and we went to a different restaurant each time, they were a lot of fun, we talked,laughed and just had a lot of fun on each occasion. On the second day, all of us (both families)started in the main square of Pardubice at a cafe next to a tower which overlooked the wholetown and even had plaques that showed important buildings at the top. I got to go up it and onthe way to the top, there were different stations where you could learn about the town’s history,which is really interesting. Later that day my host parents and their friends took me toFriendsfest which is a festival celebrating the Friendship and Military cooperation between theCzech Republic and America. At Friendsfest there were a lot of American cars around, mostlyMustangs, both old and new, even an American and a Czech Tank. We spent all afternoonwalking around, admiring the cars as well as the bands and dance groups on the stage behindeverything. It was an amazing day and we all enjoyed the festival however overall I enjoyedbeing with everyone the most. By the end of the 3 days I had seen and learnt about Pardubice,visited Friendsfest and made a new Family.

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