The third meeting we had was in the city of Třebič, and I must say that it was the best meeting so far. For starters, the highway and the roads to there are absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any good picture, because they all came out to be blurry. Getting there, the first day was nothing out of the ordinary, we had a few warnings and the language test.

The next day though, was amazing. We went out, visited a few places in the city, then we went bowling, which was super fun, and hilarious, specially because of the fact that I got 11 points in total, probably being the worst out of all exchange students🤩. But we played and laughed a lot and it was super fun. Then, we came back to the hotel and we had a few interactions. We sang and had the talents competition, and that was also super fun.

Everybody had a good energy, so we sang and danced super happily. Also, when we didn’t have any special Rotary program going on, the interactions with other exchange students was really good. We played games and talked a lot, strengthening bonds with people that were already our friends. Overall, it was great, the only problem is that it was super short😭😭. I just hope the next meetings, such as Ski week and Euro tour, are going to be as good if not better than this one, which they probably will 

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