My first time skiing was an interesting event. As a Christmas gift my future (but now current) host family took me and the rest of the inbounds to learn how to ski in a small building in our town back when there wasn’t even snow yet. The place had an artificial mountain that was just a gigantic treadmill!!

We were told to put on our skis and hop on the treadmill. We held on to a handlebar as we learn how to stop and turn, then proceeded to practice for thirty minutes. Now, for the spring holiday, my current host family is taking me skiing! But how would they know that I will like it if I haven’t tried the real deal? They decided to take me skiing for one day to a nearby mountain, they thankfully hired someone to help me along.

The first class had helped quite a lot! But, unfortunately, my ‘pizzas’ still need some working on, seeing as I went downhill pretty quickly the first few meters. I was terrified!! I couldn’t stop and I was nearing the edge of the path so I decided to fall on my side.It was a good idea, since I didn’t end up crashing into anything. But my leg hurt a little after that.

Overall, skiing was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to try it again, but I refuse to do it until I learn how to make a pizza as good as an Italian’s.

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