Reflecting back on my week I have had A LOT happen. So I have decided to break it down day-by-day for everyone.

Monday: The “One-Step-Forward-Two-Steps-Back then everything got better” Day

My oldest brother, Matus, took me to where my Rotary meeting would be held on our way into Nitra. It is this little hotel hidden off the main highway heading into Nitra down an extremely STEEP and LITTLE road. It is called “Hotel Auto Jas” because they have a car service garage off to the side of the hotel. We went there to get some paperwork for my visa. As I previously mentioned there were some problems with my visa getting approved at the police station last Friday. We were able to pick up the one of the two missing documents for Rotary. The other paper would be done by my host parents saying I could live here with them (I would receive this later that day from my host father). After that we headed to Nitra and our intended destination: the train and bus station. There we would get my train and bus cards that would allow me access to the whole country of Slovakia (seriously there are bus stops everywhere and train station in every city). A place for the photos was right next to the bus place and 15 minutes and 7 euros later I had more little pictures of me then I needed for my public transportation cards and visa paperwork.

Next stop was the place where the bus company issued the cards. I presented my passport, school paper, and photo. The woman then created my ticket (or card in this case) to exploring Slovakia (by bus). So I had my bus card now and all that was left was my train card, easy right? WRONG. Once again we were greeted with the warm welcome from Slovakia called: you don’t have the right paperwork. She gave Matus and I the right paper in which I had fill out then my school would put their stamp on it verifying I attended school there. My bus card was the most important thing to get because that is how I will get to school. When we come home we come home to a lunch of CREPES. Yup crepes. I have to say fresh hot crepes, Granko (a sweet cocoa powder they use to make drinks and bake with), and whip cream* is a pretty good lunch. The day ended well playing in my host family’s swimming pool with my host dad and little brother.


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