I just came back from a school trip to i just came back from a school trip to velke losiny. It is a very historical town that is a popular tourist destination because 1 they have a 400 year old paper factory, which is now a museum, 2 they have a nice castle and 3 they burnt a lot of witches there.

We actually watched a movie about the witches and the next day i decided not to go the museum about it. Another thing we did was climb the highest mountain in Morvaia which was awful because i didnt have the right pair of shoes and now my light pink shoes are stained red because of blood. The trip wasnt to bad though. I became close with a lot of girls who i shared a room with and hung out with during the day. It was actually just like a rotary event. None of us went to bed until 4am and then we were up at 7 the next day.

Im very tired and regret staying up that late because i have an actual rotary event next week. Im very excited for this rotary event though, i get to meet all the other exchange students and i have only met 3 so far.

One day i went out for lunch with Emma ( from Canada ) and also we went around Prague. I think on Wednesday we are hanging out again and going to make a cute sign and have a mini photo shoot. Another day I hung out with Mechi ( from Argentina) and we went shopping for some new clothes and also walked around Prague. We got kinda lost and let me tell you going in the direction of an old monument doesnt work all the time. But i finally got to try one of those donuts ice cream thing (picture above) and it was good. I dont like a lot of the food here which kind of sucks.

My host families food is ok but czech food is awful in my opinion. Like the week of my school trip i only ate an apple everyday and on the last day i had icecream. So everything is ok right now. I really miss tim hortons, but tomorrow i go to germany for the second time so maybe they will have something that i really like.


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