How to start to describe the greatest adventure of my life? Today are 24 days since I arrived to Czech Republic, and this will be my first time writing a vlog (Don’t judge me plz.) It’s curious because every single day I’m feel more  like at home, but, in the same way I discover a lot of new things.

IMG_3572 (2)

I have the best host family ever!! And I’m not talking just about “Mom, Dad and Sister”, the last Saturday we had a birthday party for my host sister, and there I met the whole family, they are wonderful people, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… everyone is awesome. For another way, the school isn’t bad, my classmates are very kind, they are kinda shy but every day I get to talk with someone new, and I’m with Paige (Exchange student from USA), so, that is very cool. Definitely it’s a great challenge try to understand the school with a new lenguage, my english is very bad, so I try to impprove my english and learn czech at the same time, so please nobody tell me to take german class, I already have ENOUGH!. *laughing*

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