This second month was pretty amazing. It is crazy how fast time flys when you are having fun. I found out that the Czech Republic has over 2,000 castles. My host family and I went to visit some amazing castles because they know I love them. I really appreciate the history and age of these castles because we have nothing of this sort in America. Seeing something built centuries ago and with such beauty is just amazing. Every time I visit a castle it feels like I am living in a fairytale.

School, on the other hand, is very boring. I still do not understand the teachers, so I am pouring myself into learning Czech. My motto is, the faster I learn Czech the faster I can understand people. The ability to not understand anything someone is saying drives me crazy, so I put my effort into learning. I really miss working and driving, but I constantly remind myself that I will have these things again in time. I have started focussing on my mental and physical health more than ever before. I have unbounded freedom here, but I make bounds on my own. Everyone my age here is treated as an adult, drinking, staying out, partying, full-blown freedom and respect.

Although these things are at my fingertips I have vowed to return to America a greater intellectual in more ways than one. I vowed to return in better physical shape and with higher knowledge of the world than before. I can say these things are going very well except for the fact that Czech food is unrefutable. I can never turn down good chocolate or Pribináček. Aside from that, I go to the gym every day as my outlet. It is so nice that the gym is only a three-minute walk down my street, almost as if it was made for me. This gym opened just a year ago so it really feels as if God put it there for me. Sometimes I wear shorts to the gym when its around 50 degrees and the Czech people think I am crazy. We all know that’s not true, I am just from Wisconsin. It is the one thing that reminds me of home. It keeps me from being homesick and is something I look forward to daily. I am busy all the time, but I always have time for a lift. All in all, I am really enjoying my stay in the Czech Republic and I am excited to keep sharing my adventures.

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