To start out my February we had a rotary meeting. It was really fun, but they always make me a little homesick. After the meeting, I had my 18th BIRTHDAY. On the day of my birthday, I celebrated with the Polak family and then went home to Bitov. When I got home my host family surprised me with a really cute celebration.

My host mom made me an amazing cake, it was a cheesecake made out of quark, with berries on top and had kitkats around the outside. This was probably the best cake I have ever had, and best of all it was high in protein! I ended up eating over half of the cake myself. The weekend after my birthday we had a week spring break, which was a very nice time to have a break.

My host family and I went skiing for four days in Austria. It was around 40-50 degrees every day so I didn’t even wear a coat. This was the perfect skiing weather for me. I had such a great time.Additionally, my host mom is an amazing cook and she bakes these types of cakes called Buchta. She made some of these cakes for the trip and I ended up having Buchta and Redbull every day.

After we got back from the mountains, my friends threw me a birthday party and it was so much fun. My friend Stella has a Cellar and its almost like a cave. She decorated it with candles lining down the stairs and with balloons. It was so cute, I am so grateful for the friends I have made here. We danced and ate lots of food, it was so fun. Now it is back to school though. It is crazy to me that I only have four months left here. Time is really flying by, but these memories I am making will stay with me forever. I can’t wait to see whats in store for next month.

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