I went with Cande and Joao to a festival in a small town near Martin for Rotary. We dressed up in kroj, or traditional Slovak clothing, and spent the day making and selling fresh apple cider as a fundraiser for the Martin Rotary Club. I can appreciate the beauty and culture of the kroj, but I have to say it wasn’t ideal attire to make cider, especially when I couldn’t get it dirty. I had a lot of fun making the cider and eating various tasty baked goods, even when I think there were around 20 wasps circling me for the duration of the time I was there. I also got the opportunity to hold a beautiful barn owl and she was kind enough to let me pet her.


I really am experiencing things things this year I never expected to experience, both good and bad. I’ll leave you will the fact that today is October 1st, which means that it is officially the month of Halloween. And if you don’t celebrate Halloween for all 31 days of October, then your life must be very sad. Unfortunately Slovakia doesn’t celebrate Halloween, which means I’m going to have to celebrate all by my lonesome. Please go listen to the Monster Mash and hang up some decorations for me while I mourn the loss of my favorite holiday for 2019.

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