So, took another break there from the blogs for a while. I’m a bit bad at keeping up with these. IT’s been about three week again since I wrote, so I’ll try to sum it up in good detail. The week following my first rotary conference was pretty good. Nothing very big happened, but I was spending more time with my friends and going out more during the week.

On Wednesday, the 27th, Lourdes, Duca, and I went to Žilina to go to the immigration police for our residency permits. Afterwards we were able to go to the mall and shop, which was nice because finally I was ale to buy clothes that I really liked. That week I also bought a nice new camera so I can take pictures that will capture the beauty of Slovakia, rather than just my phone. I received that camera and quickly started taking many photos. I went through the city with my friend Martina and took pictures of the mountains, the buildings, and some statues.

On the Friday of the 6th, I went out with friends and it was very fun. Most of the following week again was not very substantial, but on Wednesday, the day before my birthday, my friends really surprised me. Some prior explanation, and I will further explain this later, but Thursday my class was going to Auschwitz (Thursday being my birthday), henceforth we could not celebrate my birthday then. So on one of the breaks during school, my friends Nika and Martina (x2) brought for me a cake and a muffin, singing happy birthday to me. It was so surprising that I almost cried from happiness. Then, my teacher came to me and gave me a gift, and (more backstory to put in here, I lost one of my favorite sweaters in the high tatras, in Teryho Chata, 2015m up. It was upsetting and I thought I lost it forever) everyone was looking to me and I opened the gift, and it was the sweatshirt I had lost! I literally became breathless, and I was so happy to see it again. For me Wednesday was such a good day and I felt so welcomed with my classmates.

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