I must say, that the highlight of my night was watching some Canadian guy absolutely thrash a Slovak. Of course, I am talking about the hockey game that I was able to go and see. The game went excellently, with Banska Bystrica winning with a devastating score of 8-2.

We arrived at the stadium a little bit before 5 in the evening, coming straight from the public swimming pool. After finding our seats, buckled ourselves in for the entertainment that was about to come. I had been to hockey games before, but they were nothing more than local school games. This was my first live semi-pro league hockey game. Everyone rose, and they all sang the national anthem together, which I quite enjoyed. I don’t know the words, but I do know that it really struck my heart. And then, the game began.

Never during the game, was I worried that we would lose. Even watching in the first few minutes, I could tell that Banska Bystrica was extremely better than whatever team they were up against. There isn’t much more for me to say about the game, other than how much I enjoyed it, and how thankful I am to my host family to taking me there.

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