Why are you here reading this blog? Most likely because you are a kind person and are interested enough to seek out my account of Slovakia. However, you also might be a fellow Rotary Exchange student looking to my blog for ideas on how to write your own. Well, I want to get this out of the way right off the bat, I have no idea what I’m doing. I mean, I have a general idea of how to form a coherent essay, so I guess that last sentence was a lie. How about this, I don’t know if the storytelling format I have molded for this blog is a good one. That seems a bit more truthier. Ok, there’s also the chance that you, dear reader, have fallen victim to the accidental clicking of a link on Facebook, which Thoughtfully brought you to my blog. Lucky for me, you were unable to tear your eyes away from the page when you saw my pretty headline picture (sunrises are neat). And now what? you’re reading the gap year blog of a guy you possible only vaguely know, an acquaintance, a Facebook “friend”. Never fear, because I advise you to carry on. My objective is to write an equally interesting story for every demographic that will frequent my blog, and it will be a diverse crowd! (mom, grandma, that one guy). Also, what I mean by equal is it will be equally uncomfortable for everyone to read!!! Yay!!! Now that I’ve set my bar low enough, I can comfortably begin my quest as a Blogger.

Hi, My name is Bergen Hoff, or as I would say in Slovak: Volam sa Bergen! That’s right, I have a weird name. Oh, the bigger news: I’m going to Slovakia! That’s pretty sweet. That being said, it wasn’t as simple as yelling, “I want to go to Slovakia!”, into the void. To join Rotary, I had to endure the tasking application processes. In fact, so brutal were the processes, some applicants did not even survive to tell the tale. I am one of the lucky few. Oh gosh, I miss kevin.. he was a fighter :’(. Well, that may or may not be true, but what is true is that you need to be a very driven person if you’re attempting to finish every step of Rotary’s application gauntlet. To be honest, the process is more tedious than mentally challenging, but that’s what makes it so deadly.

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