Eurotour – 14 days, 3 countries, 9 cities 

Eurotour this year took place from April 25 to May 5, 2019 and 80 exchange students from all over the world participated in. They visited 3 countries and 9 cities and managed to climb up a volcano. 




 Versailles, FRANCE


The first city on the list was Paris, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, where the students spent 3 days. The visit of Versailles castle and the gardens on the first day was impressive. The walk through the Montmartre quarter the next day concluded by the visit of the Eifel tower even more. The only weak part of the of the visit in Paris was a hailstorm which started the moment we were about to picnic near the Eifel tower. Visiting Paris was “a dream come true” for Sneha Santosh, a student from India: “I loved Paris. To me, it is the most beautiful town in Europe and the greatest experience was the Eifel tower. The view is magnificent!”

Barcelona, SPAIN




Barcelona in Spain brought sunny and warm weather. The tour of Barcelona started in the gothic part of the city including the visit of Sagrada Família church, designed by Antoni Gaudí, the most famous Catalan architect. An American exchange student, Addison Pike, was fascinated by the church: “This is a totally magical place where I could spend hours. I have managed to take some 3D pictures using a special application and I hope to come back one day.”  


Ferry boat ride to ITALY




The following 18-hour long ferry boat ride from Spain to Italy was a day off for everyone.  

Rome and Vatican , ITALY


The second week of Eurotour was fully devoted to Italy. The first stop was Rome and all its musts including the colosseum, Forum Romano, Pantheon or Di Trevi fountain. The following there was a tour of Vatican, where we visited St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine chapel.  



Naples, ITALY


Venice, ITALY

On the following day we travelled to Pompeii, a town, which was ruined by an eruption of the Vesuvius volcano in the year 79 AC. Although the weather was not very good, everybody managed to climb up Vesuvius. On the way from Pompeii to Florence we stopped in Naples to have a taste of the local pizza, which was delicious.  

The last stop of the trip was Venice. The students got a chance to discover the beauty of the city and its gondola rides. The Brazilian exchange student Luiza Lovo summarises Eurotour as follows: “The trip was very nice, all the students enjoyed it greatly, thank you very much for organizing it. We all did well, because nobody got lost. And even if we were a bit late, the Rotex would always rush us to make it on time.”  

Text: Martina Saitlová, ROTEX president

Photo: Jaromír Barák, DYEC chair

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