Hi guys! I have some updates for youuuuuu! This post will mostly be a picture drop so you can see, and then I’ll do a fun post about Czech language soon, since I don’t have that much text to write here.

First of all, I went skiing with my Czech family in the mountains. Look!


This weekend I’m going on the Rotary ski week in Slovakia too which will be INCREDIBLE too so I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures of that.

I’ve been in school… with friends… at violin lessons… and having lots of fun! I don’t really know how to sum it up well.

Oh! I have a story for you!

A few weekends ago we had a meeting with all the exchange students in Czechia, and we had a talent show; we each had to bring some kind of national dress and do some talent from our home country. Obviously, I dressed like a country bumpkin and did some bluegrass fiddlin’

violin.PNGAaaaand I won the talent show…!!!? I don’t know how or why because there were some really cool performances but, okay! I got chocolate!

And! My neck has been hurting for a couple months (I messed it up doing a backwards somersault… dangit I should’ve trained more aikido before I left). So yesterday I went to the doctor’s office. Let me tell you, that was a cultural experience. I felt kind of like I got transported backwards some decades (probably because the rooms and everything around me was that old). We walked into the building and knocked on the door to the doctor’s office. A nurse came to receive us. She sat us on the hardest benches I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting on, and gave us booties for our shoes. I’ve never smelled a doctor’s office that smelled the way it smelled in there, but somehow, it was the epitome of doctor office smell, you know what I mean? After a while the doctor opened the door to the exam room and I went in. I looked around and there were some different-sized scales, all with those old-school moving weight things instead of digital. Then there was a desk with a typewriter. A TYPERWRITER. I’ve never seen a functioning typewriter in my LIFE (call me young). My host mom explained some things and then the doctor started feeling my neck. She asked me if it hurt and I said, “mainly when I turn my head.” She gasped super loud and I was so scared, I thought my neck was going to fall off or something! But then she said, “BUT YOU SPEAK CZECH SO BEAUTIFULLY! HOW??”

Then she told me my head is heavy. Is that a compliment? I’m gonna take it as a compliment. So she prescribed me some medicine and… a neck brace. Wooooo.


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