i! Right now I’m on the train back from Slovakia, I thought it’d be the perfect time to make a little post about ski week.

So, last Saturday I took buses and trains and finally arrived at the Rotary Ski Week in Liptový Mikuláš, a ski town in the low tatras of central Slovakia. This was the first time I’ve seen my Slovak inbound friends since Trenčin back in September, so we were really excited!

I had decided I wanted to try snowboarding (haha, great idea when my neck was messed up and my knees already bruised). But I look totally rad though, amiright?

This was my snowboarding group.

They were seriously the best group ever, always pumping each other up. We were all pretty new to snowboarding but they had all gone a few times and knew the basics, whereas it was my first time stepping foot on a board. So, by the end of the week they were looking really hardcore going over jumps while I was just shimmying down and falling, BUT I’m really pleased because I got down the basics and can get down a hill without falling so, great!

I wish I had some more fun things to say about it but to be honest it went so so quickly, the whole thing was a blur of waking up exhausted and sore, feeling awesome learning to snowboard, feeling frustrated falling, then awesome again, hot soup, and then talking and laughing and playing games until too late in the night.

If someone’s reading this who’s an exchange student in 2240 next year and deciding whether to go to ski week, I guess I can just say, GO! It doesn’t matter at all if you’re not so experienced at snow sports, you’ll just have a blast with everyone.

Ok and now here’s some more pretty pictures of Slovakia (the last ones are Bratislava, which was beautiful, but to be honest kinda creepy because I was there early in the morning and it was a ghost town).

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