Experiencing the culture, lifestyle, and social expectations of another country is and has been an incredible experience for me over the last few months. Since the I arrived in August I find myself constantly observing the habits and ways people in Slovakia from a family perspective, everyday in public perspective , and in formal settings. So over the next few weeks I plan to share the respectable aspects about Slovakia that stand out the most to me.

So, for my first respectable slovak aspect I want to talk about the dogs around here.

Now, I’m sure when I said I wanted to talk about respectable aspects of Slovakia you didn’t think I would be starting off with the dogs…
But here’s the thing: around here every dog I’ve met or seen has been well behaved. So well behaved in fact that a lot of dogs walk off leash outside, come when they’re called, sit, lie down, and stay quiet without owner chasing or raising their voices.

Now I know there are many dogs in Canada and everywhere else in the world that do these simple tasks.I just respect the fact that majority of owners around here put in the time it takes to train their dogs to heel, not jump on people, come and stay, and be quiet. It seems kinda silly, but I appreciate it after having looked after dogs who don’t even know their names.

I think the well trained dogs is respectable aspect of the social standards in Slovakia because it means that pet owners are committed to their pets, put in the time to do at least the minimal training and let their pets be enjoyable not only for themselves but everyone else in public. It is respectable that since dogs are well trained they can go almost everywhere around here like in the malls, restaurants, on the buses, and in the coffee shops.

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