My first month of exchange is complete. What makes it complete is not the time period of one month but the numerous experiences you can fit into that time period.

My first month I feel is complete as of today because in the last 4 weeks I have really started to accept my life here.

I’ve accepted my spot in my host family as the new daughter

I’ve accepted being the new foreign student at school.

I’ve accepted that I can’t learn this complex language over night but I’ll keep making slow progress day by day.

And I’ve accepted that I’ll miss my family and friends and family at home no matter what month it is but I will have all of them to look forward to seeing at the end of my last month.

I’ve also accepted and taken to heart that I am really a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. After my first Rotary Orientation this weekend my reality has become more clear. In Canada I was the only one from my district going to Slovakia/Czechia. However here I am 1 of 90+ students from all around the world trying to take in these cultures and countries. It’s hard to think that there are so many individuals all experiencing the same things yet completely different things at the same time.


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