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District 2240 is an international district, it consists of two countries – Czechia and Slovakia – which used to be one country (Czechoslovakia) until 1992. Our district is located in the center of Europe and has borders with Germany, Poland, Austria, Ukraine and Hungary. Czechia and Slovakia became members of the European Union on May 1, 2004 and now both countries are members of “Schengen area”. It means that there are no border controls and no tariffs for 26 European countries in this area.

We have a vigorous youth exchange program, with many enthusiastic and experienced Rotarians involved. We have five district sponsored weekend events for inbounds, voluntary 14-days Euro tour and 6-days Ski Week paid by students. Student who will be hosted by our district will be welcomed and well cared for. We do everything we can to give our students an excellent exchange experience.

We have exchanged more than 60 students each year since 1998, this year we have 95 inbounds from 17 countries (Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and USA).

RC Banská Bystrica

RC Banská Bystrica Classic

RC Beroun

RC Bratislava

RC Bratislava Danube

RC Bratislava International

RC Brno

RC Brno City

RC České Budějovice

RC Český Krumlov

RC Dunajská Streda

RC Frýdek - Místek

RC Hluboká nad Vltavou - Golf

RC Hradec Králové

RC Humenné

RC Cheb-Eger

RC Jičín

RC Jihlava

RC Jindřichův Hradec

RC Karlovy Vary

RC Klatovy

RC Košice

RC Košice - Country

RC Košice Classic

RC Kroměříž

RC Levice

RC Liberec - Jablonec

RC Liptovský Mikuláš

RC Malacky Golf

RC Martin

RC Most

RC Nitra

RC Nitra Harmony

RC Nové Zámky

RC Olomouc

RC Olomouc - City

RC Opava

RC Ostrava

RC Ostrava City

RC Ostrava International

RC Pardubice

RC Piešťany

RC Písek

RC Plzeň

RC Plzeň Beseda

RC Poděbrady

RC Poprad

RC Prag Bohemia

RC Praga Caput Regni

RC Praga Ekumena

RC Prague International

RC Prague Platinum

RC Praha

RC Praha City

RC Praha Staré Město

RC Přerov

RC Prostějov

RC Rožňava

RC Spišská Nová Ves

RC Tábor

RC Telč

RC Třebíč

RC Trebišov

RC Trenčín

RC Trenčín Laugaricio

RC Trutnov

RC Uherský Brod

RC Valtice-Břeclav

RC Žilina

RC Žilina International

RC Zlín

RC Znojmo

RC Zvolen


Rotary clubs in District 2240

The District 2240 includes a total of 76 clubs – 29 of them in Slovakia and the rest in Czechia. Every effort will be made to place inbound students in their country of choice, but this is not always possible – and cannot be guaranteed. Students hosted in both countries share travel and other experiences several times during the exchange year. It is very probable that each host Rotary Club will host more than one student.

All Rotary clubs in D-2240 are located in cities with at least 15.000 inhabitants. Students suited to this environment and who are willing to learn a foreign language and are interested in culture, history, sports and outdoor activities such as skiing, biking, hiking etc. will particularly enjoy their year on exchange in Czechia or Slovakia.

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