My official departure date is August 27th, 2017. On that day I will be flying from Denver into Munich Germany, then the following day I will be flying to Vienna Austria then finally into  Košice Slovakia. As of now I seem to be prepared as much as I can for something so big, I have met and spoke with my family who will be hosting me for half my year, studied my language as much as I could, and have booked my air tickets, but with all this preparation prepared is the farthest thing from what I am feeling.

My main feeling lately has been an equal amount of pure excitement and dread. I am throwing myself into the unknown, you can look at your town, read about the culture, talk to your classmates who you will be joining, but no matter what it is still something you have never experienced before until you are actually there. And that unknown that I am braving is what is igniting these feelings. I am ready to see what my next year of life will look like, and see what I have brought upon myself and some days just the thought of being on that plane into Košice fills my body with amazing amounts of energy. But with all that energy comes with the doubts and fears that I am also left to face in my year abroad. I like to think of it as a year of  new, new family, new home, new school… But the excitement of something being new also  comes with the speculations and fears of how you’ll react to all these new changes.

But I will take this excitement and dread and use it to fuel myself for the next 21 days I have left in America. Everyday I am shocked with how quickly the days are going down until my departure, and also somewhat dismayed. It seems like yesterday I was telling my family that I wanted to travel abroad like my older sister sister who traveled to Chile 2014/2015, and now I am waiting on my plane tickets in the mail and starting to say goodbye to friends. It feels like an hourglass running out too fast to even catch and I know as soon as I know it I will be boarding my plane.

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