I was very excited for the first day of school. I take a train towards the school for 5 minutes then walk an other 5 to get to the school. On the first day we didn’t start untll 11:00. I was waiting in the class room as it filled up with more of my classmates. Everyone was very nice and showed me around the school. When school started it was not like a normal school day. Instead the teachers put on a preformance for the students. What I understood was that there were good guys and bad guys. There was also singing and music. It lasted about 45 minutes and then school was over. The normal school day usually last 8 hours or 6 hours.

Trains are a very popular way of getting around here. Because of this I had to get a card for the tram. The card is also how I will enter and exit the school. My host mother took both my host sisters and I to get them after our first school day. They had to take my photo, and it turned out much better than any other photo i’v needed for things like it. We then treated ourselves to some cake and drink. I got a slice of pistacio cake(It was delicious), and a kofola(Better version of Coke).

I am also very close to two hospitals. This means that hilocopters fly overhead all the time and ambulances pass by all the time. There is also a train station close to us. These are the things I hear when i’m going to sleep, waking up, and walking around. Every night when I am falling asleep I will hear the screeching halt of the train stoping and then the sound it makes when it leaves.

Everyday I get to see a new part of this wonderful country and I can´t wait to see more.

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