I have finale made it to Czechia. Saying good bye to all my friends was hard but we had a great last day! Saying good bye to my family was even harder but we also had a great time exploring Denver! These past weeks I experienced so many lasts. Now I get to have News! These include my new family, house, and city. The city I am in is Pilsen. The population of Pilsen is about 170,000. The altitude is 310m. A new type of transportation for me is the tram. I still need to learn which ones take me where and everything else.

Before I got here I had to get through the airport. My first flight was from Denver to Seatle. My second flight was from Seatle to Amsterdam. It lasted 10 hours, and I was in the middle seat, in the middle row of seats. Also the people next to me had fallen asleep and I didn’t want to wake them up. While I was stuck in my seat I watched movies. They were “Isn’t It Romantic”, “Captain Marvel”, and “Pulp Fiction”. Through out the flight they brought us food. For dinner we got chicken and mashed potatos. We then got a choice of drink and a little pack of Cheez-its. For our midflight meal we got a small ham and cheese sandwitch along with cheese, 3 grapes, and a roll. For “Breakfast” we got yogurt. My final flight was from Amsterdam to Prague. I had the widow seat and fell asleep before the planr took off. When I woke up I had the most beautiful view of Czechia from my window as the plane was coming down. Once I got my bags I found my host family and had a wave of energy. Everyone was happy and taking pictures.

The first flash of a camera went off and something in brain clicked. I was in the Czech Republic and I am going to be here for a long time. It’s a feeling I will never forget. It’s a feeling that everyone else who is doing this will never forget. Then I got really tired. Within a time period of about 24 hours I spent 1 hour sleeping. Anyone who knows me knows I need sleep and love sleep. So that I what im going to do now.

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