Our Winter Orientation was in Třebíč. It was about a 5 hour train ride from Pilsen. Juliana(Colombia) and I left Pilsen together and met up with some other inbounds on the way. On the train Juliana and I ate cake that was left over from our birthday. The cake was super good and my host mom and sister made it for us.

When we arrived in Třebíč we were very early so we explored the hotel we were staying in. The hotel was in the square and had amazing views of it. As more people came we all just hung out around the many couches that the hotel had.

Once everyone had arrived we ate dinner in the hotel. After the dinner we got ready for our language test. During the test we wrote for about 30 minutes and listened for 10. For the speaking part it took almost 3 hours. One at a time we would be randomly selected to stand up and speak for about 2-5 minutes. By the time we finished speaking it was almost 12:00.

The next day we ate breakfast at the hotel and then got ready for sightseeing around Třebíč. The first place we went was the Jewish Quarter. We we’re given a tour of the museum and given a lot of information. We also took a lot of group photos. After the museum we went to the St. procopius’ basilica. It was super interesting. We also had a tour guide who answered all of our question. Emily(Utah) and I had a lot of questions. We spent a lot of time there and at one point had a small snowball fight outside.

Rotary had also prepared a city rally for us. We were given a sheet of paper that had a list of tasks and questions. Some of the tasks were to take photos with things in the city. The questions also related to the city. We were give 2 hours but we finished in the first hour. For the second hour we got kebab.

When we got back to the hotel we had to prepare for the talent show. The talent show is for the district conference. We were showing Rotary what we planned on doing. With the whole group we sang Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Philips, History by One Direction, and Srdce Nehasnou by Karel Gott. With the other Americans we did a dance through the decades. For the decade dance I did the 1920’s, 1930/40’s, and the 1970’s. For the 1920’s Aidan(Nevada), Megan(Wisconsin), and I learned the Charleston. For the 1930/40’s Malachy(California) taught me the East Coast Swing. For the 1970’s we danced Disco to September. We did the whole show twice and didn’t finish until past 12:00. We were all super tired but happy that it went well.

The next morning everyone went back to their cities. My train and few others left later than everyone else’s so we went to a cafe. At the cafe I got a hot chocolate and skittles. The Hot Chocolate was super thick but it was still good. This was definitely the best Rotary meeting that we’ve had so far. I had a lot of fun and I loved seeing everyone again.


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