Sooo guys…it’s been a whole month that I have been with the Czech Republic! Eeeeek!!

Let me tell ya…time has totally flown by. It feels so long ago that I left everything back home, yet it seems I haven’t even been here that long. I think school takes part in this, actually. I have more of a set routine during the day, so they tend to go by pretty quickly.

SO, school. I don’t understand shiiiiii, but that’s okay right now because I use that time to study Czech or just read a book (which, btw, I just finished reading Dark Places and I 10/10 recommend). The time table my class has is extremely confusing for me. I’m pretty sure I take 12 classes total. But, my classmates are all super nice and try to help me in any way that they can. My English teacher has been very kind to me. The other day we actually walked around the city together and she gave me some pointers on how to survive living in Europe, as she is from America, as well. And, she told me the sweetest story about how she and her husband fell in love. So, like, basically we’re besties now.

Esmeralda, the exchange student from Mexico, arrived on the second week of school and we’re in the same class. It’s definitely comforting having someone in the exact same position as you seats away. After school every day, we eat lunch with some classmates.

All four exchange students started our Czech lessons last week. I am grateful x10 for this because I could use all the help I can get!!! The language is not coming as well as I had hoped it would ;( I don’t think my pronunciation is too bad, but I’m having a difficult time remembering the words and conjugations.

Our first meeting with all 1548567424326546436489071 exchange students from our district was this past weekend in Trenčin, Slovakia! We literally hopped in a car, drove for 3ish hours and arrived in the country next door. Psh, Europe amiright.


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