As I’m sitting in my living room with my mom watching the film Me Before You, I can’t help but wonder img_2654if the movie is the only cause of the waterfall coming down my cheeks (geez idk why I’m crying in the club right now). As I have just graduated from high school, it is time for me to embark on the next journey in my life. I have chosen to study abroad through the Rotary Youth Exchange program. Třebíč, Czech Republic will be my home in about a month. Leaving home for a year will be the most challenging thing I have done thus far in my eighteen years of life.

My sister, Madeline, went to Belgium on exchange two years ago and had the most amazing experience – or so I’ve heard from her endless stories after urging her to go on and on in awe. This struck my interest in the program, as well. After many applications and the infamous interviews (if you’re in the program, you know how freaking scary these are), my turn has arrived! My nerves are exploding like fireworks inside of me, but I inevitably cannot help but be SO excited!!!


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