October 5-6, the exchange students from Slovakia came to Košice for Biela Noc and The Peace Marathon! Biela Noc (White Night) is a prestigious international art project that aims to bring to the public the current forms of art as well as unconventional, unknown, and important places of European capitals. After five successful years in Košice, White Night has expanded into the capital of the Slovak Republic, connecting the east and west of the country with contemporary art.

White Night offers visitors an unusual artistic walk through the night city full of experiences and new sensations, which lasts from sunset to sunrise. During one extraordinary weekend, the night becomes a day and the streets of the night city are filled with people and art. Each visitor will receive an art map that will accompany him / her with various artistic stops: visually attractive installations, concerts, films, various theater performances, dance, literature, performance… In addition to art, visitors will discover interesting spaces that exceptionally adhere to contemporary forms of art such as courtyards, parks, stations, bridges, waterfronts, meters, swimming pools, shopping centers, parking lots, private spaces and places that are normally inaccessible to people.

On Saturday afternoon when the exchange students arrived in Košice, we were all super excited to see each other. After all, we haven’t seen each other since the Orientation Meeting. We met in AuPark shopping mall, where we received our bags, shirts, running bibs, and snacks. We spent some time talking with each other and meeting the students who would be our guides for the weekend. After this, everyone had some free time to roam around the booths in front of AuPark. There was a photo op, where lots of us got souvenir photos. There were also little challenges, like racing against another person on an elliptical! It was all so much fun, and everyone had a great time.

After this, the exchange students proceeded to the stage near the booths while someone introduced us to the crowd. It was like we were famous! We also had the chance to meet Matej Toth, a winning Olympic Runner, and we all received a signed running bib from him! Later, Matej took us on a small walk around the city center. After this, we went to Golem restaurant for dinner. It was quite an experience! We were playing music and singing and dancing almost the whole time! And a few of the customers were singing along too. After this, we started the Biela Noc tour.

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