Some months ago, in early November, my host family took me on a trip to Prague and Cheb. They had been planning this weekend-trip since summer and I was so excited when the day finally came for us to embark on our journey. I’d never really been to Prague, only drove through it when I first arrived to the Czech Republic, but even though I’d only seen it through a car window, I was enchanted with the city.

We took the three hour train ride and soon we were meeting my host moms cousin, who brought our luggage back to his house so we could explore the city suitcase-free. We only had one day to see the city, as the next day would be our day in Cheb. We walked around the entire city, not missing a single landmark. From old town square, to Charles bridge and Prague castle, even the heart of Václav Havel and the American embassy, we saw anything and everything and I think my watch counted 19 km. To top off the incredible day, my host mom and I had plans that night to see Lucie Bílá preform are an event hosted by the charity my host mom works with. The concert was in the Žofin theater, which was absolutely breathtaking. It was difficult for my host mom and me to change out of our sweaty walking clothes into something more suitable for the venue, but somehow we managed to do so in the bathroom of the theater. We finally returned to the house where we were staying at around midnight, and I fell right to sleep, knowing we had another long day ahead of us.

The next morning we took the train from Prague to Cheb and arrived just in time for lunch. My host dad’s cousin lives in Cheb and he showed us around town for most of the day. He spoke really great English and was able to tell me about the town’s history and it’s most famous landmarks. The day was much more relaxed than the previous day in Prague, which I was thankful for. The next day we took the train from Cheb back to Ostrava, across the whole country. I think we all slept really well that night.

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