The temperature rose further above freezing by the hour and winter itself seemed to have recognized the coming of an extremely early Spring. Yet, we caught those last few hours of before the blanket of snow turned to useless slush as we completed our ascent to Hrebinok.

The short hike there had proven more difficult than I anticipated, all the paths hopelessly coated in ice. I swear, there is some science to climbing up-hill on icy paths that Slovaks understand and I don’t. I slipped and slid and nearly fell all the way to the top while they managed to casually walk up the slope!

Winter in the Tatras is perhaps the most active time of year for many of the locals. Nearly everyone seems to get out on the weekends to go skiing or sledding, to enjoy a winter hike or just to get chilled as they ascend the mountain, making the hot beverage they nurse in the cottage above all the more soothing. I feel that a couple of these photos really capture the spirit of the season here.

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