Today is 4 September 2017. My first day in school. My school is Gymnázium Mikuláša Kováča. There are four grades in High school here. I study at III-A. My classmates are 17 years old and Ashely is my classmates, too. I am very nervous and excited. When I enter the classroom, two students come and chat with me in English. My classmates and main teacher are all nice. I am very happy. The first at school, we just get the books and our main teacher tell us some notions then we can leave the school. On the schedule, I will leave school at 13:50 or 12:00, but my teacher tells Ashely and me that we can leave at 11:30. But my host mother has a meeting at her school, and I wait for her at 12:20. Then, we go home to take a rest, because of the first rotary regular meeting is in the afternoon.

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