During my time in Czechia, I gradually got used to the various living habits, weather and food here. I really enjoy my life here and all the things I have learned here. My host family has tried their best to help me with all difficulties at all times.

In Czechia, I can have more free time to study or learn about everything in this country, I have experienced a lot of new things here. My favorite is the celebration of Christmas, such a grand celebration of Christmas is the first time for me. And I will also share the customs of my hometown with my host family or friends. Although I miss my life and family in Taiwan, the amazement and knowledge gained while living in Czechia outweighed the homesickness and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about living here.

I also like the conferences held in the region very much. In the conferences, I can communicate and interact with students from other countries. We will tell each other about the habits of our own country or some anecdotes, which make me very happy. The various activities at the meeting were also very enjoyable. Sightseeing in different regions is a very special experience. Sometimes I also search the Internet for the history or stories about this region by myself. The short meeting has taught me a lot many things. As time goes by, in less than a few months, we will return to China to end this year’s exchange. I hope that I can use the remaining time to understand more about the Czech Republic, and cherish the rest of the time that I can spend in Czechia. The time of living here, let this year’s exchange not leave any regrets.

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