The sea of red roofs was the first thing I noticed when I arrived in Prague. The warm welcome of the fiery red roofs extending into the horizon. Behind me, cars sped by on the cobblestone street as I struggled to gather myself in this new world. Everytime time I hear that sound, it will trigger my memories of Prague and the amazing experience I’ve had. It was the first time I had ever heard such an uncommon sound.

On my first night, a thick layer of fog spread itself along the streets, setting the mood for the unknown adventures I’m about to embark on. The burnt orange street lamps lit up the classic buildings in a way I had never seen before. Little did I know how comfortable I would become in this new setting.

I grew up with the summer rain on my metal roof putting me to sleep. I found comfort in the familiar patter of the rain on the slanted windows of my new room. I was also able to relate to the crowds in the busy town squares. It felt like everyone else was as lost as I was and keen to discover the hidden treasures of Prague.

While standing in the crowded metro car I was intrigued to see all of the unique people expressing themselves in different ways. Not one person was experiencing being in that metro car the same way. But each of us were touched by the force of wind created by the metro. Everyone in that moment was in perfect harmony.

My fresh eyes were impressed by all of these things because they were new. Prague has taken my breath away by being so exciting, liberating and life-changing. Thank you to Rotary and my family for this beautiful opportunity. I will be forever grateful and I hope to continue these new and exciting moments for the rest of my exchange.

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