As a kid, I would watch movies and I couldn’t understand when they said that it was gonna snow because it was winter.

In Brazil, where I live we have a maximum of a 2-week long winter, during which the weather gets a little cold but never under 7°C, so you could imagine how excited I was to come here and spend my winter time playing with the snow.

The first time it snowed I remember being on facetime with my family and we were all thrilled, it was so amazing to see!
I absolutely loved my time with the snow, even when it started to melt and became mushy, I’ll definetly look back at this experience and remember how magical it all was, the snow fights, snow angels, almost falling everytime on the sidewalks when I didn’t notice it was frozen.

I discovered that I’m a summer sunny girl, but I definitely enjoyed my time with the snow and the cold! Hope I have the opportunity to experience it all again!

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