My name is Andrew Dundas. I am an exchange student with Rotary Iternational, an organization dedicated to making global ties and fostering change through service to one’s community and world. As an exchange student, I am an ambassador for my country and my generation. Rotary sponsors our journeys in the hopes that our minds will broaden and that we will broaden the minds of the people we meet. Already, my peers have departed for India, Japan, Brazil, Finland, and everywhere in between. My destination is Slovakia.

Slovakia is not particularly well known among European countries. So it isn’t a surprise that I didn’t have much knowledge of it, even when the nation was assigned as my destination. Yet, it is deserving of so much more recognition than it is given. Slovakia sits at the very heart of Europe and seems to encapsulate so much of the continent’s wealth. It didn’t take long for me to realize this fact and I am overjoyed at having the opportunity to learn about a land so unknown to the West.


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