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Winter Meeting in Třebíč

On January 26th, 6 exchange students and I left the Ostrava-Svinov train station towards Třebíc, a small city but full of history. We left in the early afternoon and went to Brno, our connection. The trip to Brno was wonderful, it was a peaceful 2 hours and very well spent.

“Livin’ on a Prayer”

The next weekend I got to do one of my favorite things here: go see the other exchange students! I went to Třebíč with most of the other exchange students (some of them were sick) and we got to tour the city and do lots of fun activities. I practiced my Spanish with the help of my exchange student friends from Spanish-speaking countries (See if you can find me behind the Mexican flag in the group photo 😂), met the new Australian exchange students (they come halfway through the year because their school year is different), participated in a talent show (check out the videos of my favorite performances, plus one of me singing in Czech!), and just enjoyed spending time with my friends.


Snow finally arrived on Black Friday, and it has been snowing on and off for the past couple of days. We have about an inch or so of snow as of now. To be honest, I was going a little crazy hearing about the record snow in Anchorage as it rained in my town. Although it is far from skiable, the snow has completely transformed the town from a dreary autumn to a cozy winter. Unfortunately, it is most likely going to melt before Christmas, but I am going to act like that’s not true for the next 2 weeks. I spent this Saturday out in the snowy woods setting up the orienteering course, and the weather was amazing. Not too cold, and with a little snow, but still sunny. I was so excited to finally use the winter hat and gloves I brought with me. I slipped a lot though, because I don’t have winter boots yet.

Seeing snow for the first time!

Last Saturday (18.11) was the day to make another dream come true, and particularly, I was very excited to check this item off my dream list: See snow for the first time ✅

Month 2 Update: Everything Is Happening Way To Fast

I can’t believe that two months have already passed by, everything seems to be happening way too fast and I don’t want my time here to be done so soon. I know that I still have 8 months left but it is still crazy how much has already happened.

Various new (cultural) experiences

As a general rule, I haven’t said no to any activities recently (except for time reasons, of course), and this has paid off in several ways. I’ve experienced many wonderful moments that I won’t be forgetting any time soon and found a new hobby.

Orientation Meeting I. for inbounds

I think it was one of the most anticipated weekends for me, and for all the other inbounds from district 2240. It was finally time to meet Brazilians (which meant that after almost 40 days here, I would finally be able to speak Portuguese), and all the other exchange students, meet people from all over the world and I will spend a year “living” with them.

First Impressions From A Month And A Half In Czechia

So far this has been such an interesting experience, already within one and a half months I have been introduced to many new cultural norms, foods, and people and I don’t regret any part of it.

Kdo je ta holka?! – Rotary Presentation

This week I made my rotary presentation. In my presentation, I spoke as much Czech as I could. And I talk about me and about Mexico but I have this specific quote that I love as much as I love Mexico.

Ahoj from Prague

It’s fantastic: Prague is a beautiful city and you can just get off at any of the metro stations in the city centre and don’t have to look far to find something nice to look at, eat or drink. I have also made great friends straight away with the other exchange students in and around Prague, with whom I share not only similar experiences but also the same enthusiasm for the culture and the city.

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