Time is flying by and it feels like pretty soon I’ll be the one flying—back to Florida! Just the thought of leaving makes me sad, but also reminds me of all that’s to come in the last three months of my Exchange!

Now that the sun is out, ice cream is being sold on the street, parks are full of picnickers, and castles are open for tourists again! A day trip to one of the largest castle sites in Central Europe, Spišský hrad (Spiš Castle), ended up including much more than just that. After seeing the castle we visited some family living in the region where we got to see some bee colonies, collect mineral water, and dig up some horseradish roots!

The “M” in March should stand for “music”—or maybe the “c” for “concerts”! Early in the month a Slovak band from Bratislava, King Shaolin, was playing a concert in Košice so we decided to check it out. Though we didn’t know much about the band or their music before going, we did know that they sang in English, and that was enough to interest us! Turns out, their music was great and we all had a fun night! Later on, we heard about another concert from some of my classmates and decided to go to that one as well!  Because of the culture surrounding the artist, GLEB, and the particular style of music, rap/grime, we were told that it would be a great experience for us exchange students—they were right! The concert was sold out and there we were, three foreigners who could barely even understand the lyrics, among hundreds of Slovaks screaming every word! We didn’t need to understand to have a good time!



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