So, I’ve been here in the Czech Republic for a hundred days! For context on how long that is, a hundred days from now will be March 9th. But I don’t want to think that far ahead- because December, right now, is an excellent time to be in the Czech Republic.

If you look at the statistics, Americans are more religious than Czechs. But man, is our Christmas low-key in comparison. Since the last week of November, the town square has been transformed into a giant Christmas market with traditional Czech foods and hand made gifts. Yesterday, we celebrated a holiday that I hadn’t even heard of before, Mikulaš! (Or, in English, Nicholas.) When I picture Saint Nicholas I think of a fat man with a beard, but here he is a tall, elderly bishop who is accompanied by angels which fight devils. Last night the square was packed with people to watch an angel fly (/zipline) from the Black Tower to the opposite corner of the square. (I envy that angel- it must have been beautiful to see all the lights and merriment from above.) He was followed by a giant angel puppet, which paraded around the edges of the square. Most interesting to me, though, were the devils.


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