I can’t believe I’ve already been here for seven weeks, the time has truly flown by. Lots has been happening the past 51 days I’ve been in the Czech Republic.

School has officially started, I am attending a high school with an emphasis on medical courses and topics. I still don’t understand Czech language, so I usually study Czech during class, or work on special assignments the teachers give me. My classmates are very kind, they have been so welcoming and friendly, and I am happy I’m in their class 🙂 Just this week, my schedule was changed, so now my school days are shorter which is really nice. On Mondays I finish school at 1:30, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at 12:30, and Wednesday at 3:00. Since I have so much time after classes, I started going to a gym most afternoons.

Looking back, its crazy how much stuff I’ve done since my last blog post! My second weekend in CZ, I went to Prague with my host mom, Martina, because two of her friends were visiting from Japan! Prague is only a one hour drive away, so we drove there in the morning, and started the day by going to Prague Castle. Prague Castle was absolutely stunning. The castle is one of the largest ancient castles in the world, and was built in a gothic style. It was absolutely massive, and so so detailed! From there, we visited a smaller castle, Karlstejn about 40 Km outside of Prague. I loved Karlstejn. It was located on a hill overlooking a little village in a valley, and it looked like a castle from a fairytale. We walked up to the castle courtyard and could see the entire valley. The atmosphere of the village reminded me of Whistler, BC.

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