The morning after sleeping at Shri’s house we had to get up early because they were going on a trip. We were supposed to wake up at around 5:15, but I overslept and Shri finally woke me up at 5:40. When I woke up I quickly got dressed, and put my things in my bag so that we could leave just before 6:00. They took me to the train station on their way out of town so that I could catch my train.

My train arrived in Prostějov at around 7:30, and Audrey had gotten up early and walked to the train station to pick me up. We slowly made the 30 minute walk back to her house to drop off my things. We sat around and talked for awhile in her room before her mom called us downstairs for breakfast.

Audrey’s family had a cat who had just had kittens, so after breakfast we got to sit on the couch with the kittens. They were so small that one would fit in my palm, and only one of them had opened it’s eyes.

After playing with the kittens we made our way to the main square to check out the little festival that we had seen being set up earlier in the morning. We walked around to all of the tents before meeting up with her family again. We all got a few traditional Czech snacks before her family went back home. Then Audrey took me to one of the parks in town where she likes to hang out.

After spending some time in the park, we were hungry again, so we went back to the main square for more food. Then we went to the little mall and got a couple of snacks to eat at home while we got ready for the ball.

We slowly walked home to her house. When we finally got there, we didn’t really know what to do, so we facetimed our friend Tatu from Finland for an hour or so. Then we went downstairs for dinner before we had to get ready for the ball. We ended up having very little time to get ready after dinner, so I speed straightened my hair and threw on my jumpsuit. We ended up running down the stairs to jump in the car only a couple of minutes late.

We had to be to the ball early since Audrey’s dad is the club’s YEO(youth exchange officer). So once we got to the ball we just walked around and talked until the other two exchange students (Madelyn and Jess), and all of our Rotex “dates” arrived.

Once the ball officially started, we all sat at our table together, and occasionally got up to dance, or take a walk outside. It was fun to get to know some new Rotex that we would probably not have met at other meetings.

After an hour or two there was a raffle for an assortment of prizes. We all of course noticed the four prizes that included alcohol and we all said how it would be funny if we were the ones who won them. As they started drawing tickets for the raffle, we all got excited. First one of the Rotex won the bottles of wine, then Madelyn won the basket of snacks including a bottle of champagne, I won a coupon to some yoga lessons in Prostějov, which I gave to one of the Rotex who wanted it, and finally Audrey won a big bottle of whisky. We were all laughing hysterically since we had won all but one of the alcohol prizes. We all took pictures together before the dancing continued.

After the raffle the music changed over to newer music, so we formed a circle and took turns dancing in the middle. As the night continued, the DJ decided to put on songs from our home countries. They ended up only really playing popular music from the US, but we all knew all of the songs that they played. First they played the chicken dance, so we taught all of the Rotarians the dance that went with it. They followed that up with Cotton Eyed Joe, and Highway to Hell which we sang both of at the top of our lungs with everyone.

We ended up dancing with all of the Rotarians until about 3:00am. Then we stood around and talked for awhile and finally Audrey’s dad called all of us a taxi home around 3:30 or 4:00. When we got home, we went to bed almost immediately.

The next morning Audrey and I didn’t even manage to sleep in. We were both completely awake by 8:30, so we facetimed Tatu again for a couple of hours until Audrey’s parents woke up. Then we went downstairs and ate breakfast and hung out with the kittens more.

Around 12:15 Lasson and his host family were driving through Prostějov to pick me up and take me home. Lasson’s family in the US was hosting my host brother, Jerry, so he wanted to meet my family. We were all crammed in his family’s car, but it was only an hour drive. Once we had gotten to my house, we went inside for coffee. We talked for awhile before they had to get back on the road to make it home to Cesky Krumlov at a reasonable time.

Once they had left, I took a little nap that ended up being way longer than I had meant for. I ended up sleeping from 3:30-6:30, when I woke up, I remembered that my parents told me that they were going out that evening. So I made myself a little snack, took a shower, and went back to bed at 9:30 before they got home.

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