Before leaving Canada to become a Rotary Youth Exchange student, me along with the rest of the outbounds from District 5060 attended two orientation meetings. Here, we learned a lot about the year we were about to experience and about the expectations for us as ambassadors of Canada. One of the topics that we talked about that I’d like to shine light on is the 6 B’s.

  1. Be First
  2. Be Curious
  3. Be on Purpose
  4. Be Grateful
  5. Be of Service
  6. Be Here Now

Not only do these rules contribute to a successful and positive exchange, but they apply to everyday life as well. Lately, I have been thinking about B rule number six: “Be Here Now”. I have been challenging myself to live in the moment and to slow down. Throughout high school, I did everything so quickly and never stopped to enjoy my time. As an exchange student, I’ve already learned so much about patient and have grown used to a feeling that I never really experienced as much—confusion.


This week was the first real week of school. I met new people and made a presentation. Near the end of the week, I went to Rynholec to spend the evening with the Bolivian exchange student’s (Nicholas) host parents. Then on Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to Prague with my host family.


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