It has been awhile since I’ve updated my blog… I’ve decided that I will try to write once every week. I arrived to the Czech Republic on August 21 after a very stressful travelling experience. My connections were already tight, but a lot of my planes ended up being delayed. Because of this, I ended up running through the Calgary and Frankfurt airports. Thankfully, I arrived to Prague with an hour delay and met my host family! In this blog I will update you all on who I am staying with, as well as what I have been doing this entire week.

My host parents and Rotary Club met me at the airport with big signs. Here I met my YEO and found out that my first meeting is September 5 (not so important for you to know, but I need to remember (; ). My host parents are Ivana and Petr and I have a younger host brother Kuba who is ten years old. The first thing that we did was drive into Prague to register with the police station. After this, we drove for approx. 45 minutes to my new home… Rakovnik.

This entire week, I have been at a children’s day camp, similar to what we have in Canada. The parents will drop their kids off and there are various activities throughout the day. Kuba was already signed up for the camp before I arrived, but Ivana figured that it would be a great way for me to get to see the area. The age of the kids are between 5 and 12 years old. The day after I arrived I had to be at the camp at 8 am. When I arrived, I was introduced to the leaders (two of which were around my age) and I met some of Kuba’s friends. Not many of the kids spoke English, and if they did, they were often too intimidated to talk to me. Regardless, I have made some good friends with some of the kids and the leaders. I have found that being around the younger kids has been very beneficial this week. They ask me really basic questions that I understand and if at first I don’t get it, they try again but ask the question very slowly. Kuba has been a great friend as well, he will often tell me what is going on in English when I am standing around clueless… lol.


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